Wednesday, June 29, 2005

World in a Pancake- Korean mung bean pancakes

This is a street food in the farmer's market in Pittsburgh. You can see throngs of people drawn by the aroma of these delicious pancakes. I like to make them at home 'coz they are quite rich in protein and less oily than the street vendor's is. This recipe is an adaptation of the original version that has eggs and kimchi.

1 cup of dried mung beans, soaked overnight
2-3 cloves garlic
a handful of mung bean sprouts
1/2 cup of coarsely chopped napa cabbage or bokchoy
4-5 scallions, minced fine
salt, pepper

Grind the beans and garlic cloves with some water in a blender until smooth. You can also finely chop the garlic and add to the batter, instead. If the batter is thick, mix in a beaten egg or some water.

Just before you want to make the pancakes, mix in salt,pepper, scallions, bean sprouts and bok choy. Heat a griddle, add a tsp of oil to it and make usual size pancakes using a ladleful of batter. These pancakes are quite thick and cooked in a lot of oil. I prefer to just use 1/2 tsp or so for each pancake.

The authentic version has chopped ham and kimchi, which will make meat lovers quite happy.

Serve with Sriracha or Thai chili sauce.


  1. Yumm... kinda like the south indian adai, isnt it?

  2. I miss strip district and the street side food.

    Photo and recipe looks great Mika.

  3. yay, i've got mung beans AND sprouts! thanks for the idea, mika. oh, and thanks for the pittsburgh tips last month. we ended up eating at primanti's and getting groceries all over penn. didn't make it to sushi kim as we went pretty early and left before lunch. next time!

  4. Mika you are constantly making me hungry! I need to remember not to read this blog before lunchtime (though I hardly think I can keep that promise)

  5. Thanks folks for your nice words. Shammi- it does seem like adai, doesn't it? I guess a healthier version with sprouts and bok choy...

    Indira- have you eaten this at the strip?

    Stefoodie- hope you enjoyed Primanti's sandwich.

    Tanvi- hope you keep visiting this place even after you leave for England.

  6. Nice recipe and photo to go with it. Its looks like pesarattu minus the green skin.

  7. No, but for my sweet tooth, I used to buy pecan cookies and baklava and also fresh baked focaccia from that bakery, I don't remember the name exactly.

  8. Looks good!

    You can still enter my mystery contest. You will be the only entry so far LOL

  9. These are great, I'll have to try with a bit of ham and kimchi. I use a recipe I saw in Gourmet from the Thanksgiving 2004 issue.