Monday, April 11, 2005

Vietnamese summer rolls

Have you had these delicious sushi-like wraps? They are also called salad rolls and wow, they are so great. After having your usual single roll serving, you still yearn for more. That is why I make them at home as a snack when the 4 PM hunger strikes and I want to pick up a bar of chocolate or some cheese. I had the peanut dressing left-over from the Thai salad, I told you about. It had thickened up nicely and that inspired me to do some chopping- a carrot, a cuke, romaine lettuce and some tofu. I also managed to soak some rice sticks in hot water and that was it. Assembling the rolls gives me a little bit of anxiety since I never know if they will come well. I have made the rolls like half a dozen times. But my first few attempts were with the rice paper that most recipes call for. I warn you, these papers (at least the brand I bought- Golden flower) are so flimsy that even wetness from the veggies make them sort of dissolve, if thats possible. Not being a person who gives up and mostly 'coz of my luv for these bites, I tried these with the dry springroll wrappers (the kind that have small squares marked all over). I dipped them in warm water as directed and they came out perfectly. S and I had two huge rolls each. Yummo!!!

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