Friday, April 22, 2005

Breadsticks for baby

Remember the starter that I froze from making the foccacia. I used that yesterday to make breadsticks flavored with thyme for my baby gal. I never seem to remember anything that I have frozen. It always seems to get buried in my over-loaded freezer. I take it out a year later and wonder whether it is dead and in food heaven. I saw this recipe in a baby cookbook (yes, now babies have separate cookbooks) and this was a gourmet one at that. The recipe used a starter and for making things easier I used the frozen starter. After some real research, that involved posting in food forums, I concluded that 1/4 cup would be the right amount.

I did not have the rosemary that the recipe called for. So thyme was what I used. I have never rolled a dough ball into a stick and then to a 16-inch rope. I learned that it is not easy. So I rolled it out, cut it into thin quarter inch sticks and rolled them into breadstick like shape. It was really easy and quick. After baking, they were good and crispy. I think they are a little hard and pokey for my baby. But S likes it and he ate a couple for his evening snack.

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Now for the frozen bananas...

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