Wednesday, April 27, 2005

For the peanut butter haters out there...

Everyone seems to be liking peanut butter (referred to as PB) in the kid-style sandwiches. Somehow, I never was into it. I am known to devour the bread-butter-jam combo even as supper. So I have a PB jar at home and the only thing I ever make with it is a satay sauce that I use either for dipping or over noodles. When I came across this recipe for a rather odd-sounding combination of flavors, I bravely decided to try.

All you need to do is to toast a whole-wheat (or any other) bread slice, spread liberally with PB, place slices of a good tomato on top and season with pepper & salt. Microwave this open-faced sandwich for like 10 seconds and sink your teeth into the not-so gooey, salty goodness.

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So now I am sort of a convert and I love PB with toast provided it is made this way. I am sure, as with all other foods, there is a cult-following for this thing. If you detest PB, you should give this a go.


  1. My dear mom used to make an odd PB sandwich: pb, crisp bacon and sweet pickles.

    It is rich, salty, crunchy and sweet all in one...I loved it as a kid.

  2. i cant stomach pb on bread (i think the textures clash) but i am intrigured by the mircowaving step- perhaps that would win me over. even if it doesnt, i am content to eat my pb from the jar or over noodles :)

  3. Heathen!

    *ducking to avoid the bolt of lightning*

    PB and tomato?

    Aw HELL no. That is just so very very very wrong.