Sunday, April 10, 2005

My love for home cooks

Most of the recipes in this blog seem to point to a particular website. I love the site and was addicted to it till I discovered blogs. I still visit the site often. It is not like I shun the super cooks, the chefs of the world who write books, host cooking shows on TV etc. I have come to prefer the humble home cook, who is flexible and cooks for husband, children and parents. My family does not have people who have high-flying tastes, something I may have complained about earlier. They probably cannot understand the taste difference between truffle oil and another ordinary oil. They do not like stinky cheeses and do not find even the delicate gorgonzola appealing. When I make a wild mushroom risotto, it is not as welcome as eggplant parmesan or enchiladas. Although I make things from cookbooks, hearty family recipes are the way to go for me.

I also love websites that have reviews from real people who have tried the recipes in less than conducive conditions such as an apartment kitchen. So I love epicurious that brings gourmet to laymen.

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