Tuesday, April 12, 2005

From the kitchen of a passionate baker

The passionate baker is me... Love baking cookies and cakes. With my insatiable sweet tooth, you know where the products go. I started to cook five years back and my baking attempts are on since my first disaster with pie crust. I wanted to make S an apple pie. I did not have recipe either. I came up with this idea of making this blog a journal of my travel through the culinary world. What could be more apt than racking my brains and remembering desserts I made in the by-gone days? May not make sense to you, but if it bothers you, go get your own blog. Most of the stuff I have made is from Food TV especially from one of the greatest pastry chef, Gale Gand. All her recipes have been huge hits with my family.

Without further ado, here is the list possibly with links:

  1. Tangerine soaked tea cake- hit
  2. Tiramisu- hit
  3. Baklava-hit
  4. Five spice tea cake-hit
  5. Pumpkin cheesecake- ho hum- don't care much for pumpkin in sweet dishes
  6. Mango flan with brownie crust- whoo, what was I thinking as a beginner- not so much- discovered I am not a custard person except for creme brulee
  7. Chocolate souffle from Sara Moulton's show- hit
  8. Creme Brulee-hit
  9. White chocolate jasmine tea cake from a book called chocolate cake- hit
  10. An unsuccessful Kendra's apple pie
  11. Ethel's orange cake-ok
  12. Chocolate ice cream roulade from a Flo Barker's recipe- whoo, big hit
  13. Key lime pie- hit
  14. carrot cake without frosting- ok
  15. chocolate hazelnut torte-ok
  16. Chocolate genoise from a Pierre Hermes book, don't know and don't remember if I got it right- used it for individual tiramisus
  17. Lemon poppy seed pound cake- ok- not a lemon person
  18. Blueberry muffins- ok- muffins are not desserts
  19. Chocolate chip cookies- made several times with different recipes and different results
  20. Coconut macaroons with m.stewart recipe- ok
  21. Red velvet cake- flop
  22. Chocolate pudding cake- ok for a quick chocolate craving

Am I a cooking nerd or what...

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  1. Why was your Kendra's Apple Pie unsuccessful?? I made it and it turned out great--lots of gooey juicy stuff on top.