Thursday, June 02, 2005

Trader Joe's anyone?

After I came across several fan forums for Trader Joe's food stores (TJ), I made it my prerogative to visit the place. Considering that the nearest store is about 4 hours away, it was very special for me when I visited the store. I visited TJ at Wayne, PA during the memorial day weekend when I was coming back from New Jersey. It was a shopping spree for me. I hoard stuff like crazy and my pantry is bulging at the seams now. The experience is great compared to visiting the rip-off Whole Foods. It is good and all that- but it leaves your wallet less bulky...

Simmer sauces, dips and apple butter

More simmer sauces, tapenade, (smoky)smoky black bean dip

We bought so many healthy snacks (including **wink, wink -cookies**) and they taste great. I did not get the same experience with snacks from Whole Foods. But truly, I am thankful they have a store in Pittsburgh, when many popular gourmet chain stores shun our area.

Salted edamame, peanut butter filled pretzels, graham animal crackers, chocolate orange fingers, Kona coffee white chocolate macadamia cookies...

Fat free nori rice crackers

The nori rice crackers are very good especially if you like the nori part of a sushi like I do.


  1. yay for trader joes! i love that place. i call it my happy place. with few exceptions, everything ive tried there has been wonderful, and im lucky enough to live near many of them. hope you enjoy your loot!

  2. I heard people rave about TJ.
    We go often to NJ. Is this store in Wayne,PA far from turnpike?

  3. You will love the dry roasted edamame. I could live on the little green pellets!

  4. Jennifer- the edamame are great, just lightly salted.

    Indira- we chose to go to the TJ in Wayne because it was on our way back. It is very near from NJ, just 1 hr away. There is a exit for the place from the turnpike. But this really depends on which route you will take. You from ohio, right?

  5. i LOVE trader joe's. at whole foods i stick to the sales, and get lucky sometimes. will be in pittsburgh today, thanks for the recommendations!

  6. Hi Mika
    I loove trader joe's too. and actually shop at the one in Wayne. What a coincidence.
    You should try the roasted red pepper spread there... goes on everything. and i cant ever get tired of it...