Monday, June 06, 2005

Brown sugar shortbread

We were invited to dinner by our friend V and his wife. They are one of the few couples we know who are not in some form of a diet. They don't need to be... Such lucky people can indulge in luxuries like shortbread. Having never made shortbread before, I decided to spoil our friends with some. V is a man of old-fashioned tastes and prefers habituated food stuff. He likes Danish butter cookies, the kind that is sold in beautiful cookie tins in Sam's and Costco, particularly during holiday season. Shortbread is a slight departure from butter cookies but the taste is buttery all the same. This recipe by Emeril for brown sugar shortbread is an interesting choice since it has a faint cinnamony flavor cutting through the brown sugar butterscotchy base.

This makes 12 large wedges. But let me tell you, you would not want to eat such a huge, artery-clogging wedge. If you do, this might lead you to develop an aversion towards shortbread for another year. I cut each wedge into smaller pieces and I had around 48 small chunks.


  1. Mm... these look great, Mika. I've thought about using brown sugar in shortbread, but I've never done it. Good idea to make the pieces smaller - then you can't feel bad about taking seconds!

  2. Hi mika, nice blog you have here. came from mahanandi.
    Shortbread cookie dough also stores well (i mean freeze). it can also be used as a base for making flavored cookies like
    or jam toped.

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  4. mmm that sounds good! i love brown sugar and the butterscotchy taste is imparts

    ps. i add you to my list of blogs, i hope you dont mind!

  5. Hi kaleidoscope- Thanks for visiting my site. Thanks for blogrolling me.

    Tanvi- thanks for adding me to your list!

  6. Nice shortbread! I have a Brown Sugar Shortbread recipe of my own -- I'll have to check out Emeril's.