Saturday, May 14, 2005

Clean your fridge Tofu with black bean sauce

I have got myself a subscription to Cooking Light and this is the first recipe I tried from the May 2005 issue. It was really a sort of clean your fridge endeavor last night. And all the veggies I had were adaptable to Chinese cooking. This requires Asian black bean paste, a salty, delicious pungent paste. I have the Lee Kum Kee brand and find it really good. I also toss up some with soba noodles for a quick lunch.

Here is the adapted recipe:

2 blocks of tofu, pressed, drained and cubed
1 tbsp minced peeled ginger
1 tbsp minced garlic
4 dried chilis
10 cremini mushrooms, sliced
1 red pepper, sliced thin (I used green 'coz thats what I had)
1 tbsp black bean paste
1 tbsp soy sauce
2 tbsp sherry (I used rice wine)
1/3 cup minced scallions
1 tsp sesame oil
Method is simple stir-fying. Heat oil and add garlic, chilies and ginger and saute for 30 sec. Add pepper and mushrooms and stir-fry 2-3 minutes until slightly tender. Stir in tofu and sherry; cook 3 min or so till sherry evaporates. Stir in scallions. Remove from heat and add the soy sauce, bean paste and sesame oil. Serve with steamed or fried rice.

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