Wednesday, May 25, 2005

American Idol 2005- is it over so soon?

I am unabashedly a fan of Idol. I know, it is difficult to like anything on Fox but this is a show I do not miss. Mostly to hear the vicious comments of Simon Cowell (also for his English good looks). Something about these English blokes is really charming- be it Hugh Grant, Sting or even the effeminate Rupert Everett. These days I watch Idol for Bo Bice, his cute wink and smile. I love rock and it feels refreshing to see a rock anthem being performed on stage rather hearing it on a CD. After seeing last night's finale, I feel Carrie has a good chance of becoming this year's idol. She just might win this time. Hoping against hope and rooting for Bo to win...


  1. Hello, Mika! I saw your comment on Indira's blog...

    I didn't live in Pittsburgh, but in a small town about 150 miles north. I spent the first 26 1/2 years of my life there!

    Most of my 'Burgh visits were limited to Pirates games, with the occasional Penguins game thrown in, or a bit of shopping. I used to have a friend who lived there, but I can't remember which part.

    We'd get there early, head over to the Clark Bar to kill time (just to grab a bite to eat, mind you...I don't drink), watch the game, head home. I'm not a fan of big-city driving, so I stuck to the areas I knew!

    The North Hills is a pretty good part of the city, though...

    I actually know Lanny, from the Pirates. We've met three or four times. He usually forgets my name (he's admittedly terrible with names), but always remembers me, just the same. I've even been to the broadcast booth a couple of 3 Rivers.

  2. Yes, been to Clark bar a couple of times. Three rivers stadium must bring back a lot of memories for you. Sad that it had to go... The new heinz field and PNC park are both great.