Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Latest Kitchenware acquisition-Madeleine pan

I have been looking for a silicone madeleine pan for a while. But I was not desperate enough to order online because my past forays into online shopping have increased my credit card bills significantly. I always buy more than required and at least for now, space is a premium in our apartment. When I visited the Great mall at Milpitas today, I saw a Farberware store and went in search of a madeleine pan. That was the first thing I saw inside the store. I bought it (for $12.99, dunno if it a good bargain or not) and I came rushing home to try Malgieri's recipe for chocolate-orange madeleines from his 'Chocolate' book (the recipe is almost similar to this).

The baked madeleines are delightfully tender and cake-like. The aroma from the beurre noisette is amazing. Some recipes call for just melting the butter but this will not give it flavor as much as the browned butter. The orange zest is a great addition, according to my husband who does not like much of chocolate desserts, can you believe it? I also came across Julie's scented madeleines that had been submitted for Paper chef. It sounds delicious with the almond paste and all. So that will be the star of my next madeleine making event.


  1. Hi Mika, am a compulsive online shopper myself. we need a group (like AA) methinks! Good buy - madeleines are the best. the French know their pastry!

  2. Anonymous6:31 AM

    Hi Mika
    I totally second Ashwini,,the french pastry is fabulous,but could Ashwini direct me to an online shopping mall I can get kitchenware
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