Sunday, November 06, 2005

A shallow souffle with a height complex

This one was almost an entry for IMBB event that was hosted by Kitchen Chick last month. But these did not look like souffles that have huffed and puffed. So I had written up a post and ignored it. But when I was going through my posts today, I came across it. The idea of making a jalapeno souffle based on a bechamel sauce seemed a delicious idea. The dismal look of this souffle happened 'coz I tried to convert the recipe for 12 mini- muffin sized hors'doeuvres into two normal souffles in 4 oz ramekins. But this recipe just made enough for one generous souffle. Since I needed two individual servings, I decided to tempt fate and get on with it. The unbaked souffle batter came to about 1/3 rd of the ramekins, not a good sign at all. Anyway, they did rise to almost the top of the ramekins. I decided to post this anyway because the taste of these souffles are amazing and I think they would make great little bites too.


  1. You should have submitted this entry to IMBB, Mika. They have a perfect golden crust and are looking wonderful.
    Just little bit of cosmetic touches, like cleaning the rim of ramekins or removing them from ramekins onto a plate made them look beautiful too.:)

  2. You are a braver soul than I. I haven't even tried a souffle in my life. I will have to one of these days and I hope mine will look as golden as yours.

  3. I agree, you're a brave soul indeed, Mika :) I'm sure if I make a souffle, it wont rise - which why I havent even tried. ardly or what!