Sunday, March 27, 2005

Making Pani puri

Pani puri, a traditional bombay chat/snack, is my favorite when I need something to pep up our dull weekly meals. Me and S eat it as a meal although it is best if you serve just six puris per serving. This dish is really spicy and tongue-tingling. Not to mention, it burns your tummy too. I serve this along side yogurt rice seasoned with mustard seeds and ginger. The yogurt is great at putting out the fire in your stomach. If you are not yet open to trying out the pleasures of yogurt rice, you can serve this with a good lassi.


  1. Have you ever tried making the puris yourself? I want to try making them but the recipe calls for "fine rawa" and you only get regular rawa in the states. Wonder if I shoudl go ahead and try....I miss pani-puris so.

  2. Hi Nupur,
    So nice to see you here. I have never tried to make puris. I am not quite good with making chapatis and pooris. But we do get the fine rawa also called chiroti rawa, I think.