Wednesday, March 23, 2005

A loyal follower of blogs

I follow most culinary blogs closely and have a whole folder full of bookmarked blogs. Cauliflower is a hot item nowadays. Debbie at Words to eat by has a recipe for roasted cauliflower pasta with figs and mint. I love figs in savory dishes especially with salty cheeses. This recipe seemed to show some promise since cauliflower, even when roasted, is pretty ho-hum. I also used some roasted garlic instead of the non-gourmet kinda chopped garlic. I used orzo and also some fresh english peas. I luv fresh peas and cannot get enough of these. Their season is so brief like fava beans. I used some thyme instead of mint and also some feta cheese on top. The end result, I should say, was probably nothing like the original. It was alright but nothing extraordinary. I think I used too many figs and so the product was a little sweet. But the use of feta was the life-saver. Almost a paradox, isn't it.

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