Thursday, June 15, 2006

Yosemite trip highlights

Bridal veil falls

Amazing is too weak a word for how this park is. We have visited most of the important national parks in the US and some of the parks left us asking ourselves- "what is the big deal?". A friend warned us that since we had already seen Alaska's wilderness, this would be a let down. But it was almost as amazing with stark granite cliffs and waterfalls flowing down the rocky edges.

Water gushing down from the bridal veil falls

If you are in California, this should be the time for you to visit. Falls are in full force and mosquito season is just starting. But the only trouble is finding accomodations since everything is booked months ahead. We got to stay in the Housekeeping camp, and it is not so bad. It would be downright relaxing if you cooked there in the fire pit (that is if you are not freaked out by bear stories floating around the net).

View from glacier point

If you are just visiting the park as a day trip, consider carrying enough food for the day (and remember to use bear boxes while you look at the sights). Curry village (wonder who named it so) was way too crowded and food concessions close by 8 PM.

Lower Yosemite falls


  1. Mika - Wonderful pictures. We are planning to visit Yosemite in two weeks. I guess we won't miss all these sights. Any thing else you recommend? And thanks for the food tip!

  2. OOh, lovely photos! Yosemite is next on my list :) Mika, may I recommend Yellowstone National Park? Early-to-mid May is the best time - the park's just about open and the tourist season hasnt started and it's stunningly beautiful everywhere you look - it's got waterfalls, canyons to rival the Grand Canyon, huge frozen lakes and fabulously beautiful mountains!

  3. Hi Mika,
    Hey hey,i do feel happy and i can understand how much you would have enjoyed there.Mika ,i just went and sat on the rocks (last photo)and you really feel that chill in that water .I really love that place when i came out my shoes are filled with water and you can imagine no way to get rid of that wet coz time is 4.30 pm.eventhough We enjoyed a lot.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. I've been making a tour of the national parks (just got back from two of them) and I'm thinking that this is the next one my family visits. Your photos are one more reason why!

  5. Amazing pics Mika :D.Thanks for sharing.

  6. Thanks all for your comments. Shammi- Yellowstone is in our must-see list.

    Garam masala- we could not do the nevada falls hike but we want to try it next time. The falls look huge and lovely.

    Hi Vineela- it was very windy the day we went and we got sprayed a lot. But I did not go anywhere near the rocks 'coz it was really wet.

    Susan- needless to say, Yosemite is a must-see.

    Shilpa- thanks for your compliment :-).

  7. Wow!!Amazing pics Mika...
    i don't want to miss Yosemite...

  8. hi......a wonderful coincidence....i visited yosemite recently too...although the sights were pretty enough, I don't think I went prepared. I got sun burnt and have weird looking spots on my hands. I hope the sun didn't do any permanent harm to me...:(