Thursday, June 01, 2006

Jihva for Strawberries-Strawberry Buttermilk ice

strawberry buttermilk ice in a snow cone

I like to cook, bake or do pretty much everything with strawberries. Except eat them as such...

Strawberries are usually overrated in the flavor department, especially the super-market kind. There is a lot of sub-standard ones around that we forget how delicious, they will be when they are fresh-picked. I fell in love with cherries and peaches after eating them off the tree. I am yet to taste fresh-picked strawberries. Once I do, I am sure there will be a new respect for this ubiquitous fruit. But that will have to wait since the nearest patch from here is 30 miles north of LA.

My favorite way to use strawberries is in a sorbet with little sugar and lemon juice. Then it is churned in the ice cream maker.

This time I found this recipe and the use of buttermilk sounded very interesting and creamy. Besides, no ice cream maker required for this one. I increased the sugar a bit (always tasting it) and also added a drop of vanilla for flavor. The flavor of buttermilk subsides after a day and it tastes like an ice cream with more strawberry puree than milk. May be a cross of sorbet and ice cream. A great palate cleanser and not to mention it makes a great strawberry slush.

This is my contribution to Baking Fairy's JFI:Strawberries.


  1. I am the opposite, I love to eat them as such, avoid baking with them usually mainly because they stain the dough into a weird red color.:)

    Looks very easy to prepare. I have few strawberries left from last weeekend, certainly will give it a try. Thanks Mika.

    No photo?

  2. Thanks for your comments, Indira. I have to retake the photos as they turned out very bad (even by my mediocre standards:-). Will be posted by today!

  3. Hi Mika,
    Iam going to try this recipe.I like the sorbet.Let me give a try.
    Thanks for the recipe

  4. I love strawberries in all forms, will give this a try

  5. Thanks mika for the post. I will try it soon.

  6. I love strawberries and like to try out some simple recipes like yours. My 3 yr old would love it. But dont get fresh strawberries here in Vizag though..:(


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