Friday, May 04, 2007

Delicious recipes from fellow bloggers

I usually try out more recipes than I post on this blog. Most of the recipes are from fellow bloggers- I always prefer to hear reviews of my blogger pals than some high-flying chef.

Here are the recipes I tried in the past couple of months:

1. Vaghareli Lilva Kichadi from Trupti.
It is very comforting with kadhi and a dollop of ghee. Yum... Check out Trupti's Gujju recipes. Gujarathi food is something I highly adore and being primarily a vegetarian cook, there are several options with this cuisine. I aim to try out all her recipes from the section.

2. Besan stuffed chilies from Chachi's Kitchen

It is so so tasty and easy to make. Thanks Sajeda, I love this new way of cooking chilies without the usual deep frying. There are some great recipes, many of them gujarathi, in this blog. I love the way her roti's look. Can't wait to try the green chili pickle...

3. Masala Puri from Shilpa's Aayi's recipes

I have tried quite a few recipes from her over a year or so. I am amazed at how regularly Shilpa updates her blog! Masala puri was something I had never heard of but I just wanted to try it after reading her post. Needless to say it came out great. Btw, her date cake is a must-try.

4. Dal rice, the south Indian way from Daily Musings

Quite a healthy meal but with so much great flavor from garlic, sambar powder and onion. It lacks the heat of regular sambar rice and my daughter ate it up gladly.

5. Bread upma from Menu today

This is a tasty departure from my usual bread upma . The addition of fennel gives it the real tamilian kick and the yogurt makes the bread tangy. In my opinion, bread upma has to be the best kind of upma...

6. Gongura pachadi from Sailu

It is so tangy and spicy- it is mouth-wateringly good. This recipe has been my first successful attempt at making gongura pachadi (or thokku). I have had a lot of failures with the taste of other recipes and so this successful recipe will be repeated every time I buy gongura. The only change I did was saute the garlic a little with the rest of spices.

7. A very simple Rajma, indeed from Gopium

I followed Gopinath's advice mostly. But I may have broken his strict (witty) instructions by adding some tomato paste:-) I did not even soak the rajma at all. Such an easy, quick recipe but with all the great taste of authentic rajma. I can't wait to try the Chhole.

Thanks y'all for such great recipes!


  1. Thanks for that Mika. I am glad it worked out

  2. Glad you liked the khichdi, Mika....I was just looking at your Puli Aval today to make..... :)


  3. Great choices Mika!How about one of mine?!;D
    Enjoy,have a great weekend:)

  4. And I like blogger reviews of blog recipes too. Bookmarked the chili pickle recipe.
    I had tried the rajma recipe from Gopium and I strictly followed all his instructions. Needless to say they turned out great.

  5. All these recipes look delicious! Now I have to try them all :)

  6. Hi Mika,
    Thanks for trying bread upma, I am very glad that you liked it very much.Thanks

  7. I am so happy to know you liked my recipe Mika. Thanks for the kind words, you are so sweet.

  8. I'm glad you liked the gongura pachadi recipe, Mika. Its my fav.

    I have been wanting to try some of the recipes you mentioned like Shilpa's Date Cake and Gopium's Rajma. Your post inspires me to do it soon.:)

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