Friday, October 28, 2005

Cooking with soy meats- Portugese Kale soup

I am an occasional chickenitarian in an otherwise vegetarian family. My husband got converted into a lacto-ovo vegetarianism more than ten years ago. But the soy meats that have flooded the market are a boon for families that have members who are mainly vegetarian. Also, eating lentils and beans as a source of protein can sometimes be boring. I like to use soy chicken, pepperoni and bacon and love their texture and smoky flavor they give to dishes. Even though I have not tasted real pepperoni, I love the soy pepperoni on pizzas. The soy chicken has a sort of meaty flavor and texture. I use it Indian chicken curries.

Recently, I saw a soy chorizo at Super Walmart and instantly, remembered about Rachel Ray's kale-chorizo soup that has been much raved about at the forums. Kale is a green that has so much nutrition but it is very underused in our household since it is rather tough and bitter.

The soup was delicious with a smoky flavor. I used white beans and vegetable broth instead of garbanzo beans and chicken broth. Kale does not become too soft like other greens and it has a bite to it without any bitterness. It is a filling and comforting meal by itself.


  1. Kale soup is a regular in our household and we are used to pre-cooking the kale and then adding it to the rest of the ingredients in the soup, along with the broth its cooked on. It becomes softer this way. Another variation is substituting collards or mustard greens for kale. They get much softer and moist in the soup and don't need to be cooked too long, just added at the final minutes for wilting. Hope it helps.

  2. Thanks for the tip Shakthi. I think kale is best eaten in a soup. Now I have to try collard greens.