Monday, August 08, 2005

Barefoot with roasted tomato basil soup

Yesterday on a trip to a nearby farm, I purchased 1/2 a peck (!) of tomatoes, which is almost 6 lbs worth. They were big, ripe and juicy and ready to go. After tasting a couple of them raw, I felt that they were too good to be drowned in spices in making my favorite tomato chutney. So the Barefoot contessa's recipe for roasted tomato soup serves the dual-purpose of using up some of the tomatoes and also the wildly overflowing basil in my container garden.

I have made a lot of soup and each time I taste the end product, there seems to be something missing or excessive. The soups I make do not seem to have the delicate quality of the ones in restaurants and cafes. Overpowering flavor is something I dislike in soups and to me that is not comforting. So this time I approached soup-making as an exact science, measured everything from onions to red pepper and made half a batch of this soup. The soup is really delicious and creamy, without any cream in it.

Our vegetarian family needs a lot of carbs and to fill this demand, I also made Barefoot contessa's French Potato salad with some new potatoes. On the whole, a delicious and comforting meal!


  1. mmm tomato soup! funny, i think of it as winter food, though it makes sense to use up tomatoes since they're in season. i also love your recipe for tomato chutney- ill be giving that a try!

  2. I too have wildly growing basil plants and your soup sounds a perfect use for it.